Profile of Tom Carnevale

Tom Carnevale

Tom Carnevale is the CEO and the chairman of the Sentry 360 Security, it is an End to End IP Video. He is the one who provides the surveillance hardware and software and also a surveillance video and an intelligent cameras with high resolution to the company. Since Tom Carnevale has a good background when it comes to telecommunication industry, he has taken some technical insights that are related to the security industry. It is also the days where he started managing his very first business start-up named the JCS Digital Security that has a main focus in the method of developing the best kind of a surveillance technologies that are suitable for commercial and government clients.

Tom Carnevale doesn’t only provides service to the Sentry 360, he was also chosen as the active consultant of the Gerson Lehman Group. The group is known being a self-governing primary firm, it also serves the businesses and investment leaders in North America, Europe and Asia. Tom Carnevale is working in the firm through consultations in phone and an actual session with leaders of leading investments of surveillance video technology and to the specific organizations of security technology that examines and spread the technology.

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Tom Carnevale

Because of the great contributions and accomplishments of Tom, he was called as the “Scholar level consultant”. He even became so in demand for consultations, wherein for almost 400,000 GLG consultants, the 70% of the consultants are requesting for the knowledge and assistance of him. Tom Carnevale is also the active lecturer of the security industry, in which almost most of the issues or topics that was delivered by Tom is about the Video Storage and Video Applications Comprehension and about the convergence of the IP Video. Some of events wherein Tom Carnevale is the speaker include the municipal assembly security of the NYC Battery Park Post 911 and IP User Group.

Tom Carnevale is also appointed as the speaker for the conference of the International Security that happened in the year 2012 in LA. He was even requested to speak with the most known surveillance consultant in the world named Charlie Pierce with the topic of “Megapixel or HD, what is the difference?” Tom has discussed that kind of issue considering that he is also an expert on that field. Tom is also considered as the foundation of knowledge or information by some major publications of security trade in the field. Tom Carnevale was even considered as an expert specifically when it comes to convergence of IP Video, Engineering and Security System Design, product development and many more. Tom Carnevale is indeed one of the best when it comes to technology.