Neil Dhillon: The Marvelous Man

Neil DhillonExcellent experience along with personal competencies leads to success. When we talk about success that was achieved through many years of experiences and hard work, one person would always come at the top and that is no other than Neil Dhillon. He is a well-skilled and highly respected public affairs professional that stands as the frontline voice of most of the Fortune 500 businesses and companies, different government agencies and other very influential figures out there, both in the global and domestic scales.

His impressive working experiences from different organizations have graced a numerous number of industries and have successfully brought the leaders and the public together to succeed and thrive in unity. Aside from having a 30 years of experience with public policy, strategic and crisis communications, he is also widely known for his exceptional problem-solving competencies and skills, particularly in solving complex legislative as well as well regulatory issues. He is now famous global public affairs professional in Washington, D.C.

Neil Dhillon is a successful graduate of the American University that is located in Washington, D.C. where he earned his Bachelor Degree of Political Science. Outside off the world of Politics, he is also interested to world history, energy and environment, financial services, transportation and infrastructures and IT services and software. This proves that a well-rounded person does not only focus on one subject or field but is also aware of the other things that surround him.

Neil Dhillon

Sharing your blessings is much fulfilling than in taking advantage of your fellowmen. This is what Neil Dhillon believes so aside from being good public relations professional, he is also an advisor and fundraiser of the American Red Cross. The Causes that he cares about also include the children, arts and culture, animal welfare, civil rights as well as economic empowerment social action, disaster and humanitarian relief, education, health, environment, human rights, politics, science and technology, poverty alleviation, and social services.

A versatile and well-experienced person is one of the persons that can make a big change in the world. Whether we accept it or not, the world is now full of crimes, poverty and corruption. True people with purest intentions of helping the world and make an attempt to make it better are very rare to find. Neil Dhillon is one of a kind and without him, it would be a great loss for the whole country as well as in the world.